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We love the Coral pendants! I gave one to my mom. We used to live in Florida and this is a wonderul reminder of the beach life. 

Janice K

Beautiful work! I've looked EVERYWHERE to find these and no one has them. Such a blessing to find they still exist.

Beverly Mays, Vermont

These are the real deal! My wife and I both know the rarity of these Florida Coral Agates. Thank you so much for making them available again. 

Brain McCain, Fort Worth

Love mine! Will buy again...

Angie P. Clemmings

What a fortunate find. I stopped looking because no one has these. Thought they were gone forever. My father loved the gift! Thank you!

Missy S.

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Shared Treasures

My Son At The Beach.

Finding his treasure! 

Not Agate, But Still Coral.

We found this beautiful sponge coral on the beach last vacation. The picture came out so pretty I thought I'd share it here.

Sand Dollar

Was hunting for pirates treasure, but this will do :-)