This site is a project for fun, we are NOT currently SELLING. The items listed are placeholders, I have other plans... Upon completion these items will not be sold , but instead freely given. You can't buy mother earth. If you're wise, you'll do the math and see what's happening here.

About Us

~About Agatized Earth~

Here at Agatized Earth we offer many unique handmade Agatized Coral and Agate jewelry pieces.

We hope our collection will be adorned by those who truly love the beauty of nature, art, and desire to make a statement.

Each gem is collected and designed with utmost love for our craft in creative expression.

Many of our coral pendants are vintage and can no longer be found anywhere else in the world. 

Other pieces are found in places through-out the world, but all are made or chosen with utmost care and discretion for taste and unique design, in hopes that you too will love natures beauty the way we do here at Agatized Earth!